James has moved on from working on cruise ships to teaching primary school children. Now to be found teaching in schools around the world, following his graduation as a primary school teacher in Melbourne Australia in 2006, James is currently enjoying a well earned break on land. His wife Christina, a former actress and singer in NYC, has also returned to the arts with great success as theatre director for the Short Play Event "Melborn" at the Arts Centre in 2007. She is also a writer and reviewer of Art events.

Although not writing any new songs themselves at present, the two of them are very happy together after five years of marriage, busy looking after their family while sourcing out new opportunities. James still occasionally puts on the odd show or two for charity purposes as was the case for the Anglican folk of St Andrews in Rosanna, Victoria, whereupon James performed some of his most popular favourite tunes.

For 2011, James is currently offering himself as a private piano tutor for student and adult beginners, with an emphasis on having fun while learning to play via sight reading and playing by ear methods. He is currently giving lessons and lectures on the theory of music, its construction and making of, for a Montesorri school outlying the purposes of different types of media in the entertainments business.