Music has been his first love and passion throughout his life, ever since the age of six when James first asked his mother to arrange for some piano lessons, he has forever been in love with the art of making music.

His early inspiration came from the performances of Liberace and Victor Borge, and the music of Burt Bacharach, John Barry, Henry Mancini and George Martin.

After a trip on the QE2 where he performed in the passenger talent show, James decided to go public with his own work. He has since had many successful performances at shows in Bournemouth, Eastbourne and Southsea and appeared at other well-known venues.

James worked with Princess Cruises entertainment department, between 2001 to 2005 on their supership 'The Golden Princess', operating out of New York and Florida, covering Canada and the Caribbean. Previous performances were on the Sun Princess (Alaska) and Royal Princess (South America).

James has certainly decided that now is the right time to actively pursue his real interest in life, that of writing music and teaching others to play.

James tends not to stick to traditional methods and on his first album 'Valentino' you will find a fair mix of his early compositions along with his most current popular ones. Some are kept simple and clean, while others use the orchestral arrangements made from using Yamaha sequenced based keyboard. James plays Piano, Clavinova and Keyboard in his live performances and for all his compositional works. Some of the tracks on the album were recorded in one take, while in the studio.

A student of music since the age of six, with honours achieved with the Royal College of Music. Following subsequent membership of various musician unions and associations, James has learnt much about the music industry, including specialising on the international aspects of copyright. He is a member of America's number one performing rights organisation ASCAP after individual success was obtained with his first album, 'Valentino', following its first promotion on the music internet site, Peoplesound.Com. 15 new songs are waiting to be formally recorded, with at least another twelve waiting arrangements.